About Us

Nephalem Films was created to enter the era of modern media - Feature Films, Feature length Documentaries, TV Series, Web Series, PodCasts, and Graphic Novel Publication.

We will keep creative control and maintain high quality content, plot and strong character development. With the entertainment business being highly competitive and costly, most products brought out by the Studios follow a formula. Result: if you've seen one you've seen them all.

We on the other hand believe that not all formulas need to be inside that box, there are many successful projects done in this venue and we intend to create projects that do not necessarily fit into the Studios formulas. Hence independent productions.

We intend to enjoy and maintain our independent status and bring projects to our audience that our audience wants.

Nephalem Films consists of the following contributors:

D. Force

Executive Producer, Writer, Researcher, Director

S. Cassista

Producer, Researcher, Writer, Editor, Videographer

L. Dixon

Producer, Marketing VP

D. Derrick

Producer, Researcher, Writer